Doormat Renewal

Doormat Renewal

This time of year is ideal to think about replacing a doormat before the winter weather sets in.

A good quality doormat at your entrance is essential to reduce the dirt and moisture that is brought into your house and traipsed across your floors. Whilst the need for a door mat is a year round thing, they really come into their own during the cold wet autumn and winter months.

Whilst the weather at this time of year is more clement, now is the perfect opportunity to inspect your current mats for wear and tear, and should they be a little past their ‘sell by date’ to take a look at replacing it with an effective doormat in time for winter.

As a specialist doormat retailer we offer an extremely large range of doormats to suit most situations. We can offer a choice of rubber or vinyl backings and can even custom manufacture a mat to your exact size requirements.

Many people like to use a 2 mat approach, using an exterior doormat outside their house to remove the worst of the mud, dirt and ice, and an interior doormat inside their house to remove the last remaining dirt and debris and to thoroughly dry the shoes or boots.

Keep your floors clean and dry this winter with an effective doormat strategy!